LWA Ragnarok OC Yondu


Lotte Yanson's dragon horse familiar. Grumpy and prideful, often bump heads with Biri Biri.

Personality & CharacterEdit

He started off as apathetic and grumpy familiar whom dismayed with the change of the way humanity and witches saw them. Not surprisingly, Yondu's response to anyone who wanted to ride him was to spew them away, believing that they will only use his talents like expendable tools until he met Lotte, who not only showed courage but also humble which are the things that he valued.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a dragon horse, Yondu possesses special ability to conjure small platforms of tangible magic energy beneath his hooves to step on mid air, allowed him to literally walked and run on air like how his race depicted in myths and legends. Although, he can only truly fly by combining this ability with use of his Balei Repulsors on his hips. His speed and mobility is insanely fast with only Shooting Star can match him. Like other Pomokai Holoholonas, he can quickly recover from severe injuries thanks to his regenerative healing factor.

Yondu possesses average skill in magic, whether standard magic or magical abilities exclusive to Pomokai Holoholonas: He can shrunk thrice smaller than his original side whenever not in combat, impressive proficiency in flame magic, conjure protective barriers, and conjuring Shiny Ball.


Lotte YansonEdit

They have become close since they first met. Yondu has shown to be protective towards Lotte when the situation gets troublesome. The Dragon Dance emphasizes perfect sync between master and Kirin. After the dance ended, Lotte and Yondu were voted winner due to their feats.


Yondu's younger sister. She always visits her grumpy brother to cheer him up. When invited back to the Dragon Dance Festival, Aleta would help her brother in remembering the steps.

Luna Nova TeachersEdit

Excluding Holbrook, they are frequent victims of his Geyser Impact up until he befriends with Lotte.


Known each other since childhood, Yondu and Knox always venture to a nearby Familiar pub to have a drink or two.


Aleta's husband and Yondu's brother in law. Yondu seemed fine with Stakar married his younger sister.