Venomancy, also known as Poison Magic, is magical technique to convert magic energy stored in one's body into poison for variety of purposes.


Venommancy is a variant of magic developed by Manbavaran clan. Venomancy enables a magic user to knead magic energy reserves in his/her body into special substance which is then released through either mouth or sweat glands (the latter usually on hands). When this substance comes in contact with the air outside the body, it changes into poisonous substance which shape, causticity, and lethality depended on the user's will and skill. For instance, Sucy can make her conjured poison to either simply incapacitate target or instantly killing them and turned their body caustic.

Due to Venomancy combines magic, chemical, and medical knowledge, using it requires advanced skills in magic and extensive knowledge of both poison and medicine as well as immunity to various forms of poisons and toxins. Sucy one mentioned that her sisters Garie and Sabi accidently poisoned themselves due to their lack of immunity to poisons they conjure.


Known techniques of Venomancy are:

  • Poison Mist: The user breathes a cloud of poison that enveloped the area which affect the target even just breathing in a small amount of it.
  • Poison Construct: The user can create crystalline construct out of conjured poisons such as shield or weapons.
    • Poison Shards: Users of Venommancy can conjure handheld weapons out of crystallized poison.
    • Poison Armor: The user secretes poison from his/her sweat glands which then formed into armor for protection. If the user will it, the armor can be instantly shaped into spikes, impaling anyone in his/her immediate vicinity at the cost of the armor ruptures into gas form.
  • Acid Bolt: The user can conjure condensed balls of corrosive poison which explodes upon impact, showering everything around it with corrosive substance.
    • Dragon Acid Bolt: Inspired by Akko's dragon Sucy doodle based on her strange dream, Sucy developed an insanely powerful variant of Acid Bolt called Dragon Acid Bolt. This technique performed by exhaling huge condensed ball of corrosive poison which immediately taking shape of dragon's head with a pair of low-hanging horns that covering all but the left eye seconds after being launched. Dragon Acid Bolt have greater range and blast radius than normal Acid Bolt. However, it requires larger amount of magic energy to perform this technique, as Sucy stated that this technique depletes her magic energy reserves.