LWA Ragnarok OC Trechres
A bio-engineered lightning weasel-drake lizard hybrid created by Naglfar scientists and Croix's familiar aside Abaddon. Being the genetic clone of Biri Biri, he was designed to possess all of Biri Biri's natural powers and characteristics, but with extra abilities and traits from drake-lizard DNA where like latter, he can breathe concentrated beam of flames and displayed considerable resistance to heat. However, due to his unstable genetic make up, Trechres proved to be more wild and feral than his counterpart. As such, instead of bonding with Croix and his fellow Naglfar, Trechres must be tamed first and given cybernetic implants to keep him under control up until he developed sentience.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Being a fairly young clone whom growth accelerated up to adult form, Trechres initially displayed a limited amount of intelligence and unable to speak, but overtime, his intelligence as a cybernetic Pomokai Holoholona hybrid quickly grew from his first encounter with Biri Biri and learning how to access a computer before learning how to speak.

Trechres and Biri Biri is completely opposite to one and another: Whereas the Fallen Volkar being caring, friendly, and collected, the clone is feral, aggressive, and dangerous, even after his intelligence developed to the point of capable in speech. In spite of this, and his lack of mercy, Trechres is quite smart, capable of planning out his attacks, displayed problem-solving skills, and loyal to his creator in spite of not hestitate to attack them if provoked.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit