Thapoli is a small hidden magical nation featured in Little Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

Mirroring the real life medieval Scandinavian civilazations, it is a secluded magical kingdom that only those from magic community knows. It is an isolated ancient community situated at secluded region in Lofoten, Norway, since the era of Nine Olde Witches. Legends said that the kingdom was founded by descendants of Nine Olde Witches' closest followers, and they have a focus in preserving magical culture, archaeology, rediscovery of lost technology, and development of magical tools and other related equipment for the benefit of magic community. Thanks to their dedication in preserving and updating the art of magic, Thapoli became the most advanced community in magical world.

The nation itself is a series of longhouses, turf houses, rune houses, and at least one boathouse fortified by wooden and rock fortress. It was founded and made this way as a place to guard ancient knowledge related to magic in general. However, the kingdom also harbor dark secrets: Certain knowledge that they safeguarded stated to be potentially harmful that they can bring untold amount of disasters if disturbed. Also, the magical nation was once experimented on remains of fallen god Loki to further developing Solais Metal, magical alloy that serve as core material for the weaponry of Valkyrie Corps..

Under most circumstances, Thapoli is only known and open to Pomokai Holoholonas, witches, and wizards. Majorities of non-magical humans who made contact with world of magic like Hanbridges don't know about its location, only heard of it. There are rare exceptions if a witch/wizard/Pomokai Holoholona brought guests into the village. As long as the Queen allows it, there are no penalties.

Royalty StructureEdit

  • High King / High Queen
  • Jarl
  • Thane
  • Chieftain
  • Skald

Magic Items and Magi-Mechanical Technologies DevelopedEdit

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