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Sucy Manbavaran LWA Ragnarok
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Sucy Manbavaran is one of the main protagonists of Little Witch Academia: Ragnarok Tetralogy. Akko’s roommate and a witch from Southeast Asia with a mysterious nature. She is an enthusiast of poisons. From spider, snake, and other animal-based poisons to plant-based poisons, she conducts extensive research and often uses Akko as her test subject. She is a sarcastic person with a sharp tongue, who does things at her own pace.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Behind her aloof, calm, sarcastic and somewhat sadistic personality and excited by everything that scares or disturbed her gang (the idea of getting eaten, foul-smelling fumes of potions or poisons, performing experiments with potions and poisons on Akko, and pulling scary pranks that she found amusing but not for her victims), Sucy is actually a kind girl. She also had lonely side due to her parents had to leave her family to protect sea kingdom of Hymir and distressed with the possibility of them never reunited again. This lonely side also led her developed into an older sister figure of her familiar Jian and made her more than determined to reunite with her family again when it's revealed that the sea kingdom they protected were attacked by Jormungand. Her contribution in helping her friends and parents saving the said kingdom led her become core member and founder of Witches of Midgard band.

Sucy is a tall, thin girl who bears an image of a stereotypical witch. She has pale grayish-mauve skin, puce hair, and red eyes with white pupils. She comes off as laid-back, with droopy, half-lidded eyes that make her look indifferent or lethargic half of the time. Her left eye is covered by a large fringe of hair. Because of Sucy's pastel mauve tone, seeming lack of arms (her arms are only visible when she moves them), and a uniform which is longer than usual, that is reaching to the ground, she gives off an eerie aura and a ghostly appearance. For pajamas, Sucy wears a white and red cap, paired a white long-sleeved collared tunic that reaches past her feet. She is occasionally depicted without arms in this outfit, although her arms are usually exposed whenever she's wearing this attire.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Green Valkyrie: Valkyrie Armor designed to bestow any witch who wear it affinity to earth and nature as well as enhanced strength, defence, and power to superhuman level.
  • Potion and Poison Brewing: Sucy has knowledge of alchemy and is very skilled creating (deadly) potions. She has an uncanny interest for mushrooms, and uses them in most of her recipes, usually deadly ones. She has the vast knowledge of potions and poisons as well as their effects, being able to prepare poisonous potions that not only kills its victims, but also reduced their bodies into caustic, liquid body mass, also potions capable of creating big explosions, fertilizer potions that accelerate the growth of vegetation, a potion that gives life to objects and a special Mandrake potion that temporarily increases magical power.
  • Magic: Sucy possesses remarkable talent in magic like other students of Luna Nova.
    • Object Control Magic: Sucy can magically manipulate and levitate objects without touching them.
    • Rope Binding Spell: Puppet Magic spell thats gives life to a rope and makes it forms a sphere and binds the target.
    • Heat Blast Spell: Sucy can project energy strikes capable of destroying weak creatures and considerably damaging to a human being as basic offensive attack.
    • Magic Barrier Spell: Sucy can conjure energy barrier around herself and/or others as means of defense against attacks.
    • Broom Flying Spell: Sucy can activate the power of her magical broom to fly riding it.
  • Toxic Immunity: Results of exposure to various poisons and toxins made Sucy developed immunity to them.
  • Skilled Combatant: Following training sessions with Newt and Knoxx, Sucy become fairly skilled in Thapolian Martial Arts, even moreso after become current Green Valkyrie. She can execute punches, kicks, grab, and armed combat.
    • Domina Hexomaimai: Sucy throws out her energy whip sword, expanding its length at maximum and have its separated blades to generate spikes before viciously whipped her foe/s, shredding them.


  • Magic Wand: Sucy carries a wand as instrument to cast magic. For melee combat, Sucy formed energy whip sword around it. On the first glance, the energy sword looked like regular sword, but when she swung it, its blade would separate into 10 segments where each connected by thick thread and able to reach 4 metres. When extended into whip-like form, she can change the segments into barbed-like so she can ensnare and tore her enemies.
  • Magic Broom: Broom with magical powers that allowing the witch to fly with it.
  • Poisons and Potion Vials: Sucy carries several vials of poisons and potions whenever she goes.
  • Green Valkyrie Armor: Sucy's Valkyrie Armor which she don to assume her Valkyrie Identity.



Sucy was surprised but respects Pongo's cunning intellect to manipulate Diana.


Sucy displays the rare motherly side which freaks everyone out. Whenever she has to require the necessary things, she had Akko or Lotte to babysit Jian and provided a long list of things they must ensure Jian's safety. According to Sucy herself, she found the baby mamba seal one day at the beach looking for its mother. Driven by compassion, Sucy decided to taking care of her until she found the baby mamba seal's mother, an act that impressed Nia, Jìan's mother that she allowed the young witch to keep her daughter as her familiar and give her some advices.


Holbrook's Jabbewocky. Sucy personally requested him to follow Jian when she was taking her first time getting groceries. After Jian returned saved, Sucy thanked him for looking after her Familiar.

Cherry Wong[1]Edit

Although they began at a rocky start, Sucy relates to Cherry when it came to their passions. Soon, the two spent making all sorts of impressive but totally devastating fireworks to Luna Nova's horror.