Valkyrie Armor
White Valkyrie LWA WoM
Sigrun Gauntlet LWA WoM
Sigrun Gauntlet
White Valkyries
  • Magic Wand
  • Valkyrie Blade
  • Light Wings

Sigrun is a white Valkyrie Armor that specializes in swordspear combat featured in Little Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard. Whoever wields the armor shall take the title of Sigrun the White Valkyrie. The armor currently belonged to Newt Astriddotir.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

Forged from Loki skin-based Solais Metal, Sigrun Armor is designed with aesthetics of medieval knight armor with a Thapolian touch. While noted to be both beautiful and gallant as much as Sky Valkyrie in spite of less powerful and lacking any special gimmicks, Sigrun still powerful in its own right. As with other Valkyrie Armors, the user have time limit around two minutes when donning the armor before its magic overheats and begin to burn her. When charged with emotional and spiritual energy of the user, the bright green glow of circuit-like markings on the armor's wing ornaments, sides of the helmet, breastplate, shoulder plates, tassets, greaves, and edges of its robe/tunic's bottom and sleeves become brighter.

For combat, as the armor specializes in swordspear combat, the user has greater advantage when using either swordspear form of her Valkyrie Blade or actual swordspear as the armor enhances her performance in the said weapon.

As with other Valkyrie Armors, Sigrun can unlock extra boost of power and speed that is released by sprouting wings which also enable the user to engage in aerial combat without need of broom. The wings themselves also lacked any unique abilities aside flight and enhancing user's speed and agility, but still very fast. Overall, Sigrun is a formidable armor.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Sigrun Gauntlet: The vital part of Sigrun Armor which acts as both its dormant form and summoning trinket. It takes the appearance of metallic white bracelet with thicker gray edge and a symbol in form of black pentagon with white outline. This part magically linked with the rest of the armor that normally stored in pocket dimension when not used.
  • Light Wings:
    Sigrun Wings LWA WoM

    Light Wings

    A pair of futuristic white and grey mechanical wings with green meridian glow for enhancing user's speed and agility as well as flight without need of broom.