LWA Ragnarok OC Rico Khepri


Rico is Constanze's Khepri who excels in magic, marksmanship, and hacking.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Unlike Constanze, Rico is more open compared to his master. Probably due to the fact that he is an Otaku. He loves watching anime and reading manga. Rico first showed Connie mecha anime which she throughly enjoyed. He even approved Akko's proposal for building Shiny Charion Ship's mecha form, though hilariously, he forgot that the said ship will need more magic energy reserves to remain active in both of its forms.

Rico seems to have a crush on Akko which was revealed when his mother learned from Rico that Akko was 'his girlfriend'. Rico thinks that Akko was pretty in the inside and he likes it the way it is.


Atsuko Kagari/Vermilion ValkyrieEdit

Akko is Rico's major crush. Even touched by Akko make him stand in the hallway for hours. He describes Akko as this magnificent spitfire which lights the stars into a new age of tomorrow. In his dreams, he dreamt he and Akko were getting married. Akko learned about this and although weired out, was slight touched by it.


Rico's relationship with his master is akin to that of Frankenstein and Igor. Constanze had the mind and Rico was the helper. Despite that, they have a close relationship and Constanze make many spare time to be with him to watch his anime.