Newt Astriddotir
Newt Astriddotir LWA WoM
White Valkyrie LWA WoM
Status: Alive
  • Master Valkyrie
  • Captain of Alioth
Combat Statistics
Power: Medium
Defense: Medium
Speed: Medium
  • Magic Wand
  • Customized Flying Broom
  • Valkyrie Blade
  • Barrier Pauldron

Newt Astriddotir is a supporting character of Little Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard. She is a veteran Valkyrie who, under recommendation of Miranda Holbrooke, had chosen Chariot as the new heir of Geirdriful Armor and tasked to assist Luna Nova in combating Naglfar threat.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Newt is the latest bearer of Sigrun Armor and the captain of Alioth. Being an adequately sociable person despite her serious personality, Newt was responsible for teaching the young Chariot and Newt the path of Valkyries and potential heirs to the Geirdriful the Sky Valkyrie title. Although a strict mentor, Newt is a good observer of character. She realized that Helviti was the better combatant but lacked the heart of a protector unlike Chariot. When she caught Helviti meddling with tainted magic of Helheim to attain a great power, Newt attempted to persuade her apprentice against continuing through the dark path she had taken, but her warnings fell into deaf ears and had underestimated how far Helviti had fallen: The White Valkyrie lost her right hand in such confrontation and came close in losing her life until Chariot intervened. Despite Chariot and Newt's best efforts to take Helviti down, they failed to prevent her from escaping Thapoli. Feeling responsible for Helviti's defection, she vowed to stop her rogue apprentice by any means necessary.

Due to the fallout between her and Helviti, Newt developed an animosity towards Croix due to similarities she found between the two and understandably outraged upon learning that the latter had tricked Chariot to use Dream Fuel Spirit on the latter's magic show at Japan. Though she managed to prove Chariot's innocence to Thapoli over the incident and ensured it kept secret to avoid an unwanted crisis since Chariot's reputation as the stage performer already contrasted to that of as a Valkyrie in the eye of magic community, Newt was left distraught upon Chariot's decision to renounce her title as the Sky Valkyrie out of guilt, but nevertheless honored her decision said while reminded her that Luna Nova is still need a protector. Newt also allowed Chariot to personally dealt Croix without her interference when the latter returned to Luna Nova since Croix was once her best friend and knew her more than anyone else. Upon learning that Chariot had managed to redeem herself through Akko and co.'s aid and the two former best friends reconciliated after a decade of strife and bitterness, Newt can't help but relieved that Croix still has sliver of light in her heart unlike Helviti's, especially after learning Croix's fall from grace was the result of Woodward's negligence.

Newt's other known protege was Clarisse, Amanda O'Neill's late step-cousin and the former Marmora the Blade Storm Valkyrie. She honored Clarisse's decision in having Amanda inherited her title and quest for Franang's Falls despite having heard about the latter's reputation as Luna Nova's resident troublemaker. She also intrigued by Amanda's roommates Jasminka and Constanze after learning their role in aiding Akko and Diana chasing the Noir Rod that has assimilated a missile from Chariot's reports and believed the two can be a great help for Amanda in her newfound destiny. While worried whether the Nine New Witches would be able to handle themselves as new generation of Valkyries, she nevertheless has a faith in their capabilities, knowing that they would help her and Thapoli to stop Naglfar and Helviti.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

  • Peak Human Conditioning: Newt's rigorous training as a Valkyrie greatly enhanced her bodily functions to the pinnacle to human conditioning, resulting her strength, stamina, speed, senses, agility, reflexes, accuracy, longevity, durability, intelligence, healing time, and flexibility greatly enhanced to peak level arguably on the same level with her pupil Ursula.
  • Magic: As expected from a Valkyrie, Newt is trained in magical arts.
    • Craftmanship Magic: Newt possesses decent skill in craftmanship magic, having repaired Sloegra and Hrista armors that previously destroyed during Thapoli-Naglfar War and even improved them for Constanze and Jasminka respectively.
    • Flight Spell: Newt possesses a decent skill in broom flight.
    • Lightning Magic: Newt excels in magically manipulate electricity and lighting, able to fire powerful magic blast and bolts as well as imbuing her weapon with the said element.
    • Object Control Magic: Helviti can magically move objects without touching them with her wand as focus.
  • Skilled Combatant: Being the latest heir of Sigrun Armor, Newt has mastered Thapolian Martial Arts as part of her training to claim it in her youth. While not as strong as her protege Helviti, her combat abilities are on par with top Valkyries.
    • Polearm Mastery: Newt is fairy skillful in using sword-spear form of her Valkyrie Blade.

Tools & EquipmentEdit

  • Magic Wand: Newt carries a wand as instrument to cast magic.
  • Valkyrie Blade: Traditional weapon of Valkyries which can be activated by magically combine it with a magic wand. Newt can change her Valkyrie Blade into a sword-spear with meridian green glow for combat.
  • Sigrun Armor: As the master Valkyrie, Newt is given the title of Sigrun the White Valkyrie. As such, she has the ability to don Sigrun armor for combating powerful adversaries. She performs this by running her Valkyrie Blade against her Valkyrie Gauntlet while simultaneously chanting out Venta Herkleda, coating the weapon with magical sparks before draws a large circle above her head. The circle then forms into a magic circle from which the armor plates Sigrun Armor composed of descend and equips on her, completing the transformation.
  • Barrier Pauldron: Magical pauldron that can form a layer of protective magic around user's body. Whenever entering combat situations, Newt wear it to protect her from attacks inflicted by weaker enemies.
  • Customized Flying Broom: Newt's customized magic broom which outfitted with armor platings and gears for broom flight combat. The broom's modification also enables it to better in carrying two people at once, which useful for her former apprentice Ursula who still affected by Wagandea Pollen.
  • Solais Metal Fist: A magical prosthetic she forged after losing her right hand from the fallout between her and Helviti. It was designed to restore her original combat capabilities and enhancing it at the same time. The arm also able to be fired to grab things from distance and reel it in with magic tendrils. While powerful, it also requires maintenance to maintain its performance.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Newt's overall design was inspired by Mitarashi Anko from Naruto series and Lalaco Godspeed from Space Patrol Luluco. The concept of her having a metal prosthetic after losing her original hand on the other hand, are inspired by Zadornov and Venom Snake from Metal Gear series.