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  • Synopsis: In an alternate ending of the series, magic has being severely crippled by the Noir Rod and in doing so, leaves the very planet itself vulnerable to giant creatures who predated witches and humanity alike. Meanwhile, the small band of Witches, Lotte, Sucy, Diana, Amanda, Constanze and Jazminka are searching for their friend, Akko who has gone missing ever since this crisis began. However, their search would lead them to discover that Akko has now become part of what can be described as an ancient conspiracy, one that will shake the foundations on what they belive in.

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  • Made a new page. Go read it.

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  • LWA Fanon header with transparency

    Might need more transparency...

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  • ...if you want.

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  • Hi. I’ve given you admin and bureaucrat rights on this community as you requested. You now have the tools you need to clean up, customize and maintain the wiki.

    Check out your Admin Dashboard, which can be found by clicking "Admin" on the bottom toolbar -- it has links to all your new tools. Please let me know if you have any questions, and good luck with your new (old) wiki!

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  • I already made a new page for Ultraverse and so far, I'm still creatively thinking ways to add more.

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  • Much like Operation: Smile Smile to Mother, here's what Akko's father looks like:

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  • Synopsis: It has been many years ever since the world was saved and the all mighty Yggdrasil was restored thanks to Akko Kagari and the Nine New Witches. As magic grew prosperous, so does the discovery of many potentials. Thus, Altair Nova was born. Eve Cavendish, the daughter of Diana Cavendish enters a new chapter in her life. She will face many challenges but will also encounter friends along the way.

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    • Oh dear.

      Next questions:

      A. How many witches that have Knight of New Dawn Armor? And can you explain to me more about that armor, including its powers?

      B. Have you made a main page for your fanfic series? Mine is looked like this: Little Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard

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    • A. Beatrix, Jennifer, Holbrooke's Mother and now Akko.

      - Jumper: Allows to access Leyline to go anywhere around the world.

      - Arms: Super enhanced Strength.

      - Legs: Super enhanced Speed.

      - Hunter: Tracks down targets by locating their magical aura.

      B. Not yet, I'm kinda busy at the moment.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Cherry Wong: A maverick amongst the Valkyries, she has a bombastic attitude that even Diana cannot tolerate when they worked together.

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    • Ron PRL, do you have some new ideas for Helviti's clockwork monsters? Just curious.

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    • Not really.

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  • Colossi - Colossi were a mass produced line of weapons of mass destruction sharing resemblance and body type of Magic Knight Grand Charion.

    The Colossi were created after Ragnarok took place. Several Thapolian blacksmiths proposes the idea to built giant machines to battle the growing power of the Lindworms controlled by Loki. This met with mixed reaction with the Thapolian military council and human leaders approving the idea while the Thapolian Royal family and The Nine Olde Witches are against it. Eventually, the dire of the situation of the war forces everyone to comply. 

    Immediately after their construction, the Colossi were sent out across Midgard to battle the Jotnar forces. The plan was successful but by the near end of Ragnarok, most of the Colossi were destroyed with some small number of survivor remained. The Colossi were decommisioned and were secretly disguised as war ships including one used by the Sword of Laeradr. 

    The Colossi are giants up to the size of the modern days tallest skyscrapers. They possess highly durable alloy allowing them to withstand even a nuclear explosion. They possess great strength that allows them to perform various feats which would be impossible. All Colossi possess a Sorceror Stone which fuels them.

    Colossi are armed with Beowulf-class Missile Launchers located at the side of the feet, Freeze Shoulder Cannons, the standard Single Murowa Arm Cannon, Mini Lightning Chest Cannons, Triple Heat Cannon and a Hyper Arc Head Cannon which it can transform when the Collosi's head rotate itself to the cannon.

    The Defense on Niflheim 

    The battle took place in the aforementioned Niflheim where Team Glosscap led by Clarisse O Neil defend the Leyline portal to Midgard from a Jotnar elite squad named Team Hyperion. 

    All across the Nine realms, the Valkyrie Corps were stretched thin when Jotnar resistance attacked every Leyline portal to Midgard. The most devastating attacking was at Nilflheim where Team Hyperion attack Leyline 922-B. Team Glosscap fought the best they could but were outmatched. An Arabian Valkyrie lost her legs after taking a blast while a French Valkyrie was devoured and used as ammo by a Frog Jotnar. 

    Clarrise shot the leading Jotnar allowing what remains of her team to escape and head to the Leyline. But before they meet up with their leader, they were attacked by a Swamp class Frost Jotnar and a Jotnar with two katana like swords.

    Clarrise was alone and tried to defend the Leyline with her life. After being hit by a powerful shockwave by a Beetle Jotnatr, Clarrise was killed by the Swamp Jotnar who release a poweful toxin. Clarrise's sacrifice however bought enough time for Valkyrie Corp reinforcements to arrive and stop the attempt.

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