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A group of Luna Nova Security Forces and Damage Control members surrounding Amanda

Luna Nova Security Forces and Damage Control, shortened as LNSFDC, is a squadron of operatives formed by Luna Nova under orders of Witch Community and dispatched by Luna Nova Academy's Headmistress. They have been commissioned since the rise of magic criminal activity.


Luna Nova Security Forces and Damage Control are operatives who specialized in escort, patrol, combat, search and rescue, investigation, repairing the property damage, etc. Due to often involved in combat situations, they are trained in more rigorous combat training, be it either spells or physical training, but not as rigorous as Valkyrie Training.


Standard-Type Magic WandEdit

As with other witches, LNSFDC members are armed Standard Type Wands that can channel magic energy to cast magic.

Magic BatteryEdit

Detachable part of Standard-Type wands that store magic energy. Can automatically refilled itself in vicinity of Sorcerer's Stone.

Wand TillerEdit

Wand accessory in form of handheld frame similar to either stock of a rifle or crossbow tiller. Its function is similar to gunstock, providing a means for the user to firmly support the wand and easily aim with stability as well as transmits recoil into the user's body. Being made of durable alloy, can doubles as blunt weapon.


LNSFDC members also carry vials of potions with them, but most of potions they carry are for combat purposes.

Magic ScrollsEdit

Special scrolls that have a spell written in it with magic. The spell inside can be used only once as the written spell in it will vanished once used. Magic Scrolls can provoke magical effects for their users for tactical advantages.

Magic ClothingEdit

Standard attire worn by LNSCDF officers. In appearance, it looked identical to Luna Nova Teacher's Uniform except being made of highly endurant fabric that highly tear resistant. It even proved resistant against heat and electricity as well.

Supply BagEdit

Small bag to carry equipment. Had been given special enchantments that made its internal space become malleable while retaining its external dimensions, allowing to carry unlimited number of items.


LNSFDC have a number of Sorcerer Stone-powered airships with steampunk design that acts both as personel carrier and cargo carrier.

Notable MembersEdit



OC Character Knoxx the Gargouille


A rookie Gargouille who aids the Witches of Midgard time to time.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit