Lotte Yanson
Lotte Ragnarok
  • Student
  • Valkyrie
Magic Energy Influence


  • Magic Wand
  • Flying Broom
  • Skull Lantern

Lotte Yanson is one of the protagonists of Little Witch Academia: Ragnarok Tetralogy. She is a witch from Finland and latest bearer of Yellow Valkyrie. A witch from Finland and Akko’s roommate. She has a gentle and sincere personality that counters Akko’s reckless tendencies, and generally puts forth her points calmly. She is good at singing, and she can summon Norse spirits with a folk song from witches of old. She is a big fan of an illustrated vampire novel about unrequited love and time travel adventure called, “Nightfall".

Personality & CharacterEdit

Shy, calm and timid, rarely getting angry, Lotte is a kind-hearted girl who earnestly looks after Akko. Lotte is concerned with Akko's well-being given that her determination to become a witch like Shiny Chariot sometimes made her go too far, and that she would forget the well-being of others whom wishes to help her. Her timid and shy personality however, hides a strong, humble, and courageous spirit, something that made her fit with Yondu as her familiar.

Lotte is a Finnish girl with below average height. She has short orange hair and turquoise blue eyes. She has pale skin complexion, with freckles on her cheeks and nasal bridge. She wears semi-rimless eyeglasses with red frames and large, round lenses with a strong prescription that heavily distorts the display of her eyes. Her standard Luna Nova Magical Academy uniform is personalized with a red belt and a red band on her hat. When not in her Luna Nova uniform, she wears a mauve headband.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Magic: Lotte possesses remarkable talent in magic like other students of Luna Nova.
    • Spirit Calling Spell: Lotte can call out the Spirits inside an old object to perform a task or answer a question.
    • Heat Blast Spell: Lotte can project energy strikes capable of destroying weak creatures and considerably damaging to a human being as basic offensive attack.
    • Magic Barrier Spell: Lotte can conjure energy barrier around herself and/or others as means of defense against attacks.
    • Plant Control Spell: Lotte can enchant plants for defensive or offensive purposes with this Communication Magic spell.
    • Broom Flying Spell: Lotte can activate the power of her magical broom to fly riding it.


  • Skilled Combatant: Following training sessions with Newt and Knoxx, Lotte become fairly skilled in Thapolian Martial Arts, even moreso after become current Yellow Valkyrie. She can execute punches, kicks, grab, and armed combat. Her fighting style combined spearmanship and quarterstaff combat techniques.
    • Dragon Impaler: Lotte's finishing move where she channels the magic-enhanced wind around her energy spear before charges on enemy whilst covering herself in an aura of a dragon.


  • Magic Wand: Lotte carries a wand as instrument to cast magic. For close quarters, Lotte forms energy spear around it which she use with remarkable proficiency.
  • Magic Broom: Broom with magical powers that allowing the witch to fly with it.
  • Skull Lantern: Lotte's old skull-like lantern where her first familiar Will-o-chan lives.


Atsuko Kagari/Vermilion Valkyrie[1]Edit

Lotte values Akko as she was one of small number who believe in her abilities when she stop believing in herself. When Akko went missing, she cried that Akko may have abandoned her and the gang, which thankfully didn't happen.


They have become close since they first met. Yondu has shown to be protective towards Lotte when the situation gets troublesome. The Dragon Dance emphasizes perfect sync between master and Kirin. After the dance ended, Lotte and Yondu were voted winner due to their feats.

Mrs. Yanson's Odin WingsEdit

Her mother's Odin Wings are very affectionate towards her, though they once attack Frank who had once flirted towards Lotte.


Belle is Annabelle's Kludde Familiar and assistant. Lotte would work under Belle as the assistant secretary as part of her part time jobs. Despite working under, Belle made attempts to treat Lotte as an equal due to her helping Annabelle with her low self esteem and even restoring Edgar to normal.