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Advent of RagnarokAkko (Dark World)Alioth
Altair Nova AcademyAmanda O'Neill (Gameverse)Amanda O'Neill (Witches of Midgard-verse)
Amanda O’Neil (LWA Ragnarok)AngolmoisApollyon (Witches of Midgard-verse)
AsgerAtsuko Kagari (Gameverse)Atsuko Kagari (LWA Ragnarok Tetralogy)
Atsuko Kagari (Witches of Midgard-verse)Barrier PauldronBattle Near Wagandea
Battle for Midgard (LWA Ragnarok)Binding Staff Part 1Binding Staff Part 2
Caerbannog ArmorClockbeastConstanze (Gameverse)
Constanze Amalie von Braunschbank-Albrechtsberger (Witches of Midgard-verse)Constanze Amalie von Braunschbank Albrechtsberger (LWA Ragnarok)Construct Ribbons
Croix Meridies (LWA Ragnarok)Cy's Bounty Hunter Crew (LWA Ragnarok)Dark World
Diana (Dark World)Diana Cavendish (LWA Ragnarok Tetralogy)Diana Cavendish (Witches of Midgard-verse)
Draugr (Witches of Midgard-verse)Drekherjar Corps.Duel Between Diana and Croix
Earth MagicEirEitr
Elder ErikEpisode 1Episode 2
Fallen Volkar, New Hope of MagicFarmatyrFive Fold Whirlwind Brooch
Flame MagicFlying LongshipGameverse
GermanGodzilla X Little Witch Academia Magic and MonstersGreat Lindworm
HarrHeart of A ProtectorHel (Witches of Midgard-verse)
Hel DruidsHelvitiHerja
Holiday's Guide to the Weird and WonderfulHrimgandrHrista
It'll Sure to BeginJack (LWA Ragnarok)Jalk
Jasminka Antoneko (LWA Ragnarok)Jasminka Antonenko (Gameverse)Jasminka Antonenko (Witches of Midgard-verse)
Jían (LWA Ragnarok)JötunnKagari Family (Witches of Midgard-verse)
KaraKarl (LWA Ragnarok)Kur the Destroyer (LWA Ragnarok)
LaraLightning MagicLightning Weasel Clans (LWA Ragnarok)
Little Witch Academia: Memories of Luna Nova Magical AcademyLittle Witch Academia: Ragnarok TetralogyLittle Witch Academia: Witches ' Decisive Battle
Little Witch Academia: Witches of MidgardLittle Witch Academia Fanon WikiLittle Witch Academia Gaiden: Akko No More
Little Witch Academia Ragnarok-Exclusive Creatures and Other EntitiesLittle Witch Academia Special: Operation Smile. Smile to Mother!!Little Witch Academia Ultraverse
Loki (Witches of Midgard-verse)Lotte Jansson (Gameverse)Lotte Yanson (LWA Ragnarok Tetralogy)
Lotte Yanson (Witches of Midgard-verse)Luna FioreLuna Nova Inhabitants (LWA Ragnarok)
Luna Nova Magical Academy (Witches of Midgard-verse)Luna Nova Security Forces And Damage Control (LWA Ragnarok)Magical Spells (Fan-made Characters)
MarmoraMidgard (Witches of Midgard-verse)Minor Villains and Other Factions (LWA Ragnarok)
Miscellaneous Characters (Witches of Midgard-verse)Miscellaneous Creatures (Witches of Midgard-verse)Molly McIntyre (Witches of Midgard-verse)
Naglfar (LWA Ragnarok)Naglfar (Witches of Midgard-verse)Negaverse
Neo Stanship (Witches of Midgard-verse)NevarNewt (LWA Ragnarok)
Newt AstriddotirNidhogg (Witches of Midgard-verse)Nidhoggr (LWA Ragnarok)
Noir Rod (LWA Ragnarok)Norse Deities (Witches of Midgard-verse)One Shall Fall Part 1
One Shall Fall Part 2One Shall Rise (LWA Ragnarok)Other Characters (LWA Ragnarok)
Pomokai Holoholona (Ragnarok Tetralogy)Pomokai Holoholona (Witches of Midgard-verse)Pongo (LWA Ragnarok Tetralogy)
Pongo (Witches of Midgard-verse)Primordial Magic (LWA Ragnarok Tetralogy)Promise to Meet Again
RagnarockRagnhild (Witches of Midgard-verse)Raider Armor (Witches of Midgard-verse)
Rico (LWA Ragnarok)RotaRyuko Kagari
Screamer (Witches of Midgard-verse)Sector LNShadowhide Armor (Witches of Midgard-verse)
Shiny "Nova" FlashSigrunSkogul
SloegraSolais Metal (Witches of Midgard-verse)Spear of Torment
Spectral Magic (LWA Ragnarok Tetralogy)Sucy Manbavaran (LWA Ragnarok Tetralogy)Sucy Manbavaran (Witches of Midgard-verse)
Sumarbrandr (Witches of Midgard-verse)Support BotsSword of Laeradr
ThapoliThapoli-Naglfar WarThe Awakening
The ChoosingThe Cosmic TurtleThe Last Reel
The Rise of Luna Nova ValkyriesThe Trial of Blade Storm ValkyrieTrechres
Tyrfing (Witches of Midgard-verse)Ursula Callistis (LWA Ragnarok)
Ursula Callistis (Memories of Luna Nova Magical Academy)Ursula Callistis (Witches of Midgard-verse)Valkyrie Armor
Valkyrie BladeValkyrie Corps.Valkyrie of Fire
Venommancy (LWA Ragnarok Tetralogy)Vethrvolnir (Primordial Avatar)Vindr
Water MagicWild HammerWill-o'-chan (Witches of Midgard-verse)
Wind MagicWitch BlacksmithWitches of Midgard (LWA Ragnarok)
WyvernstormYggdrasil Society (LWA Ragnarok)Yondu the Dragon Horse (LWA Ragnarok)