Valkyrie Armor
Silver Herja LWA WoM
Active Form (Silver Valkyrie)
Cinder Valkyrie LWA WoM
Active Form (Howling Valkyrie)
Herja Gauntlet LWA WoM
Herja Gauntlet
Soaring Valkyries
  • Magic Wand
  • Valkyrie Blade
  • Slider Wings

Herja is a midnight blue (originally silver) Valkyrie Armor that specializes in glaive and archery combat featured in Little Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard. Any witches who don the armor shall take the title of Herja the Soaring Valkyrie or Silver Valkyrie. The armor was corrupted by Lara with an unidentified black magic following her revival and corruption from overexposure to Eitr in a freak accident. The armor, along with its user, was subsequently retitled to Herja the Howling Valkyrie or simply Howling Valkyrie.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

This midnight blue and grey Valkyrie Armor was originally silver Valkyrie Armor forged from Loki skin-based Solais Metal with Lara as its latest wielder, but following her revival and corruption by overexposure of Eitr, the armor was altered by unspecified form of magic (suspected to be a form of forbidden magic due to its current dark nature). The alteration also resulted meridian green glow on the armor to turn searing orange. In spite of its alteration, its Valkyrie Gauntlet, which takes the appearance of a silver bracer with a symbol in form of a white circle with blue orb embedded on it secured by claw-like locks, remained unchanged.

Unique among Valkyrie Armors, Herja possesses wolf-like aesthetics on its design, notably wing-like ornaments which somewhat resembles wolf ears and spike-like protrusions on the sides of the helmet which gives illusion of cheek fur akin to wolves'. Not only that, whenever the Valkyrie don the armor, Herja would magically alter her hair's color into silver as well as change her current hairstyle into three long ponytail that stretch down to the waist, further concealing her identity.

For combat, as the armor specializes in glaive and archery combat, the user has greater advantage when using either glaive and bow form of her Valkyrie Blades or ordinary bows and glaives as the armor increases her performance with the said weapons. The armor can also sprout wings in order to enter aerial combat without need of broom. Like Marmora's, the wings double as additional weapon thanks to its ability to cut through solid materials like wood or rocks on ease. Other than that, Herja armor lacked any special gimmicks. However, it all changed after given dark modifications by Lara.

In addition of physical change, the armor no longer adheres time limit which allow Lara to don it indifinitely. Not only that, it gained the ability to transform into armored, werewolf-like form called Warg Formation Herja which bolsters the user's speed and power. The dark alteration also turned Herja's silver and green wings into midnight blue and orange as well as assuming tattered form, but doesn't hamper its capabilities in any way. Following the final duel at Wagandea against Akko, the armor eventually lost its dark enhancements and reverted to its original state, along with its ability to assume Warg Formation form. All in all, Herja is a formidable Valkyrie Armor.

Weapons & EquipmentEdit

  • Herja Gauntlet: The vital part of Herja Armor which acts as both its dormant form and summoning trinket. It takes the appearance of metallic silver bracelet with thicker edge and a symbol in form of a white circle with blue orb embedded on it secured by claw-like locks. This part magically linked with the rest of the armor that normally stored in pocket dimension when not used.
  • Slider Wings:
    Herja Wings LWA WoM

    Slider Wings

    Herja armor can sprout a pair of mechanical wings called Slider Wings which enable aerial combat without broom. Aside supersonic flight, the wings double as weapon thanks to its razor-sharp feathers.


Variant Description
Wolf Herja LWA WoM Warg Formation Herja


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