Helviti LWA WoM
Dark Valkyrie LWA WoM


  • Witch-Blacksmith
  • Fallen Valkyrie
Combat Statistics
Power: High
Defense: High
Speed: High

Helviti, also known as her fallen Valkyrie title Nevar the Dark Valkyrie, is the fallen Valkyrie and one of main antagonists of Little Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard. She is a rogue witch-blacksmith and Valkyrie who took the dark path after became disillusioned with Newt who denied her the right to become a full-fledged Valkyrie. Intending to become the full-fledged Valkyrie. Aiming to become the greatest Valkyrie and witch-blacksmith in her own way, Helviti sought means to become stronger which led to her meddling with forbidden magic and turned to the dark side in process.

Personality & CharacterEdit

As youths, Helviti and her rival Chariot du Nord were trained as Valkyrie Trainees together and groomed to become the next Sky Valkyrie by their mentor, the White Valkyrie Newt. The fate of her parents was unknown, but it's implied that they either deceased or left her at an earlier time. Newt speculated that Helviti is likely one of Great Inventor's descendants through her impressive mechanical prowess as well as gifted in magic and martial arts like the latter. As the second coming of Great Inventor herself, she made many positive contributions to the growth of Thapolian technology including improvements of Valkyrie Armors and other magical items developed by the kingdom, which also earned her respect from both Chariot and Croix.

Over the course of their training, it was shown time and time again Helviti being the most talented compared to Chariot. Whereas the former always shown to consistently exemplary, the latter had a sloppy and clumsy beginnings before gradually improve. Though the difference between their combat talents was very evident, Chariot can't help but admire her rival for being a seemingly outstanding and flawless Valkyrie she wanted to become, oblivious to darkness growing in the prodigy's heart. Newt however, noticed it right from the moment when the White Valkyrie caught Helviti studying Tome of Helheim Magic she found at the Great Library of Thapoli and warned her against delving into the dark knowledge within. It gradually became evident when she and her apprentices investigating a ghost outbreak at Horgsholt Ruins at which Helviti didn't bother to aid Chariot when one of the ghosts cornering her, only focusing in banishing the attacking restless spirits at hand. Through it, one thing is clear: Helviti lacked the desire to protect others, an important thing Valkyrie must have as protectors.

Helviti on the other hand, having foreseen that she wouldn't become the next Sky Valkyrie, decided to turn on the dark knowledge within a forbidden magic tome she stumbled upon at the Great Library of Thapoli to attain a great power. Retaking the book, Helviti took her time by attempting to steal Geirdriful Gauntlet only for it rejected her thanks to its worthiness enchantment, though she brushed it aside as she already had everything she need. It's later revealed that she was the one who restored the Gate of Helheim at Horgsholt Ruins so she can acquire some samples of the realm's tainted magic and later, managed to construct another Gate at her workshop to further her dark experiments with the tome's aid. It was then that Newt, who still disturbed by Helviti's discovery, caught her while in the middle of the said experiments. Helviti, having anticipated this turn of event, revealed herself to be the one who responsible for the ghost outbreak along with her intention to fulfill her dark ambitions. Newt attempted to reason with her apprentice against the dark path she had taken but met with resistance where the latter revealed to have forge her own Valkyrie Armor to combat her mentor. In the ensuing fight, Helviti single-handedly overpowered her mentor and cut off her right hand in process. Before Helviti could finish the White Valkyrie however, Chariot arrived for her mentor's defense and to their surprise, proved herself to be the worthy heir of Sky Valkyrie title through summoning Geirdriful Armor to combat her fallen rival. The two then battled Helviti, but they evenly matched due to the rogue Valkyrie trainee's mastery over her newfound corrupted powers. Despite Chariot and Newt's best efforts to take Helviti down, they failed to prevent her from escaping Thapoli with her research notes at hand.

After deserting her home kingdom, Helviti stumbled upon Elder Erik's branch of Naglfar and join their cause. Still resentful towards Thapoli whom she believed to be fools who wasted their power to protect others instead of subjugating the weak, Helviti allowed Naglfar to use her dark inventions against her former home and further improving her dark Valkyrie Armor to rival Geirdriful's powers.

Prior to her defection, she revealed to once made friends with Croix whom shared her frustration over Chariot not taking the quest for Grand Triskellion seriously, which intensified her own ambitions to become stronger. A month prior to the event of the series, she visited Croix who still working on the cure for Wagandea's cursed pollen and the two were reminiscing about times they spent together in the past. During such conversation, Croix sensed that Helviti had changed and became wary towards her just as two agents of Sword of Laeradr whom accompany her recognized the latter as Thapoli's deserter. In the ensuing chaos, Helviti exposed her would-be attackers with one of Croix's vial of Wagandea pollen where to Croix's horror, killed two Pomokai Holoholonas upon contact where their bodies shriveled like a fruit before turning into small canopy of trees, destroying her lab in process. Helviti then proposed Croix to join her, but Croix chose to stay due to a promise she made to Chariot. Disappointed, Helviti decided to make her leave, and continued her quest for power without her.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

  • Magic: As a powerful rogue Valkyrie and witch-blacksmith, Helviti possesses an astonishing talent in magic that rivals even Sky Valkyrie Ursula aka. Chariot. Her powers further bolstered through drawing the corrupted magic from Helheim, the realm of dishonorable death.
    • Weapon-Wand Fusion Spell: Helviti can magically combine her wand with a weapon to upgrade the said weapon into better version of it. She uses this to activate her Valkyrie Blade's combat capabilities.
    • Flying Spell: Helviti possesses impressive skill in broom flight comparable to Ursula herself.
    • Craftmanship Magic: Helviti is a genius when it comes to craftmanship magic that she was regarded by many as the second coming of Great Inventor. A testament of this was her positive contributions to the growth of Thapolian technology and later, crafting her own Valkyrie Armor and weaponry for Naglfar to combat both Thapoli and magic community themselves.
    • Heat Blast Spell: Helviti can project powerful magic bolts as basic offensive attack.
    • Body Strengthening Magic: Helviti is capable to magically enhancing her body with magic on the same vein with Ursula, making her a powerful opponent with or without her Valkyrie Armor.
  • Master Engineer: As expected from a witch-blacksmith, Helviti has amazing mechanical abilities, which she often utilized in creating clockbeasts and other weapons for Naglfar.
  • Skilled Combatant: In her youth, Helviti had undergone extensive training in Thapolian Martial Arts, able to hold her own against multiple opponents at once.
    • Whip Sword Mastery: Helviti is very skillful in using whip sword form of her Valkyrie Blade, as she can deliver slashing whip attack or ensnaring opponent from considerable distance.
    • Glaive Mastery: Helviti demonstrated impressive skill in using glaive form of her Valkyrie Blade as seen in her duel against Sky Valkyrie Ursula and even once managed to cleave the dreaded Devilclaw itself into half during her time as a Valkyrie trainee.
    • Aim Dodging: In addition of martial arts, Helviti can swiftly evade attacks and projectiles on ease.

Tools & EquipmentEdit

  • Magic Wand: As expected from a witch-blacksmith and Valkyrie, Helviti possesses a wand to channel her magic.
  • Flying Broom: Helviti possesses a flying broom she utilized as transportation via. Flight Magic.
  • Valkyrie Blade: Traditional weapon of Valkyries which can be activated by magically combine it with a magic wand. Helviti can change her Valkyrie Blade into following weapons:
    • Whip Sword: A sword with segmented blade where each segment connected by red magic energy. It normally remained in the shape of regular long sword form until snapped by its user into a whip-like weapon that can restrain an opponent like a chain to hold him or her still, or strike someone like a traditional whip.
    • Glaive: A futuristic-looking black and grey glaive resembing atgeir. This is Helviti's signature weapon form of her Valkyrie Blade.
  • Nevar Armor: As the fallen Valkyrie who don a twisted black and grey Valkyrie Armor, Helviti christened herself as Nevar the Dark Valkyrie, capable to don Nevar Armor she forged with combination of corrupted magic of Helheim and her own impressive craftmanship magic skills. She performs this by running her Valkyrie Blade's glaive form against her Valkyrie Gauntlet while simultaneously chanting out Venta Herkleda, coating it with blood-red sparks that she draws into three concentric circles above her head. The circles combine into a magic circle from which armor plates Nevar Armor composed of descend and equips on her, completing the transformation.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Just as her dark Valkyrie Armor, Nevar Armor, was inspired by Bolg Armor from GARO: Vanishing Line aspects of Helviti's character loosely based on Christopher Harden, the user of the said armor from the same series. Helviti also partly based on Sigma Fudou from Garo: Makai Senki and in lesser extent, Croix Meridies herself in terms of her mechanical engineering skills.