Hel is one of primary antagonists of Norse fanfiction series Little Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard. She is one of few survivors of Ragnarok, the great war between Norse Gods and Jötnar.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Hel is a humanoid Jötunn, the dreaded daughter of God of Destruction Loki (who formerly known as God of Mischief) and Goddess of Death. Odin appointed her as ruler of Helheim, realm of dishonorable deaths and one of Nine World held together by Great Tree Yggdrasil. She and her army of the dead participated in the war between Jötnar and Norse Gods where she aided her monstrous father fighting Nine Olde Witches and their Norse Deity allies. The war greatly scarred the Goddess of Death, reducing her into shell of her former self. Now forced to possess deceased body of a witch to stay alive, she now sought to free her father from Thapoli's grasp and wreak their vengeance upon humanity.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Hel was once immensely powerful Norse Deity with Jötunn heritage from her father Loki. Legends tell that only those on the same level with either Odin or Nine Olde Witches who stood the chance against her. However, injuries she sustained from the war greatly diminished her powers. In spite of this, she still an immensely powerful adversary Akko and co. faced.

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