Great Lindworm
Ancient Lindworm Witches of Midgard
Great Lindworm
  • KIA - (killed by Loki)
  • Progenitor of Dragons
Combat Statistics
Power: Ultra High
Defense: Ultra High
Speed: Ultra High
  • Claws
  • Energy Blast

Great Lindworm was the progenitor of Pomokai Holoholonas and dragons as well as a legendary being allegedly known as Nidhogg, monstrous serpent which existence heralds the end of the world.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Great Lindworm was the primordial serpent of monstrous size and ancestor of all dragons. Conceived from Eitr like the first Jötunn Ymir, the serpent came to existence not long before Odin and his brothers Vili and Ve killed Ymir and further shaped the world with his corpse, after which it went for Helheim and made Náströnd, The Shore of Corpses, its home and feed upon souls of the damned there along with abundance of magic in the realm and roots of Yggdrasil for nourishment. Smaller dragons then born from scales that broke of from its body and filled the icy wasteland of Niflheim with life. Some of those dragons even made their way to other realms such as Midgard, Niflheim, and even Muspelheim and adapted there, leading to the birth of diversive breeds of dragons in accordance of environment of their new home. This explained why there are so many dragon species across the Nine Realms.

When the Nine Realms fell into chaos as result of the war between the Gods of Asgard and Jötnar, the Great Lindworm was driven away from its home and refuged at Midgard. It's presence in the realm of men soon became problematic for humanity, for its mere movement causes earthquakes that break mountains, empty lakes and destroy cities. Even so, it never show any open hostility to humans it come across and left them alone most of the time, leading Beatrix Cavendish, one of the Nine Olde Witches, to set out for studying the serpent and if possible, communicating with it. At first, the Great Lindworm seemingly ignored every attempt Beatrix made to communicate with it until the serpent finally relents, and told her its origins and why it came to Midgard. Through the time they spent together, the two became unlikely friends, with the serpent agreed to remain in Midgard until the war between Gods of Asgard and Jötnar ends under the condition where it stop causing more damage on the land.

Unfortunately, by the time the conflict between Gods of Asgard and Jötnar made its way to Midgard, Great Lindworm was forced to break the promise it made with Beatrix, having coerced by Loki to do so with the God of Destruction using it both as a slave and weapon against the Nine Realms. When Loki forced the serpent to kill Beatrix along with the rest of Nine Olde Witches and their Asgardian allies, it proved to be the final straw for Great Lindworm. Unwilling to harm its only human friend, the serpent turned against Loki in rage, and join forces with Heimdall and Beatrix to defeat the God of Destruction. Though they emerged victorious in the end, both Heimdall and Great Lindworm were killed in the ensuing battle and worse, the black magic within the serpent's body threatened to ravage Midgard upon its death. To prevent this and honor Great Lindworm's sacrifice, Woodward utilized the power of both Yggdrasil and Claiomh Solais to purify its remains, the process which both led to the birth of plant-like animals collectively known as Pomokai Holoholonas from its corpse and ensuring its tormented soul to be reincarnated in the distant future.

Afterwards, some of Great Lindworm's scales were taken by the people of Thapoli for study, at which they discovered the means to refine the scales into mystical alloy called Solais Metal, the core material for creating immensely powerful Valkyrie Armors. However, out of respect towards the serpent, only five armors were created through the said study, which are Kara, Skogul, Geirskogul, Eir, and Geirdriful. Continuing their research, the witch-blacksmiths of Thapoli discovered the means to replicate the magical alloy from other source; the body parts of dreaded Loki himself. For centuries, witch-blacksmiths of Thapoli rely on Loki to help mass-produce Valkyrie Armors until the means of producing the alloy through alchemical process was discovered during the Golden Age of Magic, terminating the kingdom's reliance on the fallen god that they sealed him within Sealing Stones at Franang's Falls.

Though some within magic community believed the Great Lindworm and its propechied reincarnated form was the harbinger of end times worth for disdain and fear, the people of Thapoli see the serpent in more positive light for its sacrifice in stopping Loki, giving it a central place in their lore and culture. In fact, the dragon motif on their flying longships was modeled after the serpent itself and it also posthumously led the foundation of Valkyrie Corps. through studies conducted on its scales.

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