A reboot of the Little Witch Academia franchise and a crossover with the long-running Godzilla franchise.

Plot Edit

In an age of monsters kickstarted in 1954, the only shining beacon of hope is magic. Among those seeking to harness their magical abilities is Atsuko "Akko" Kagari, a young Japanese girl inspired by skilled witch Shiny Chariot who attends the witch school Luna Nova Academy. However, one day, she and several other witches-in-training are connected to various Kaiju after being exposed to a mysterious crystal, with Akko gaining a connection to the all powerful King of the Monsters himself, Godzilla. Now, she and her fellow witches such as the soft-spoken Lotte, the prestigious Diana, the sinister Sucy, the gluttonous Jasminka, the fiery-headed Amanda, and the silent Constanze have to keep up in their classes whilst dealing with magical and titanic threats which have now turned their attention toward them.

Characters Edit

  • Akko KagariAn energetic 17-year-old Japanese girl hoping to become a great witch like her idol, Shiny Chariot despite her poor use of magic and the current holder of the Shiny Rod. After being exposed to the Anima Prism, Akko has gained a mental link with Godzilla, the King of the Monsters. While connected to Godzilla, Akko feels his anger and hatred toward humanity. 
  • Diana CavendishA prestigious member of the Cavendish clan, a high-ranking Luna Nova student, as well as the childhood friend of Akko and Andrew Hanbridge. Diana is level-headed, serious, calm, collected though she has moments where she loses her temper. She is strongly protective of Akko and has a big sister-little sister dynamic with her, going so far as to turn her tongue on anybody who insults Akko, be they students or even faculty. The Anima Prism connected her with King Caesar, a powerful shisa-like Kaiju ashamed at being unable to protect Okinawa in the past.