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Geirskogul Gauntlet LWA WoM
Geirskogul Gauntlet
Wind Valkyries
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  • Magic Wand
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  • Ephemeral Wings

"Geirskogul, known as Wind Valkyrie, is a Valkyrie who love freedom and adventure. She may be the weakest out of four, but she is the fastest."

—Asger describing Geirskogul

Geirskogul is a Valkyrie Armor that specializes in elemental wind spear and shield combat. Whoever wields the armor shall take the title of Geirskogul the Courageous Gale Valkyrie or Wind Valkyrie. The current bearer of the armor is Lotte Yanson.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

Geirskogul is Valkyrie Armor with yellow and white coloration as well as one of four Elemental Valkyries. The armor is made of Great Lindworm scales-based Solais Metal, forged by witch-blacksmiths of Thapoli under comission of Beatrix Cavendish many generations ago. Bearers of this armor said to love freedom and adventure. As with other Valkyrie Armors, the user has time limit around two minutes when donning the armor before its magic overheats and begin to burn her. When charged with emotional and spiritual energy of the user, the bright green glow of circuit-like markings on the armor's wing ornaments, sides of the helmet, breastplate, shoulder plates, tassets, greaves, and edges of its robe/tunic's bottom and sleeves become brighter.

According to Ursula, the Geirskogul armor's earliest bearer was one of Woodward's most trustworthy follower and Lotte's distant predecessor. The armor then passed from master to apprentice over the course of generations. However, during Naglfar's resurgence and attack on Thapoli, the latest bearer of this armor was killed by a mysterious adversary, prompting German and Asger to search for new successor at Luna Nova. Geirskogul, alongside Kara and Skogul armors, eventually made their way to Lotte, Akko, and Sucy as their latest successors.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

As with other Valkyrie Armors, the armor designed to bestow any witch who wear it enhanced strength, defense, and power to superhuman level. Made from Solais Metal, the armor can withstand magical and physical attacks and its power can be used in Ley Lines-free areas. The armor's strengths however, noted to be above average compared to standard Valkyrie Armors.

For combat, as the armor specializes in spear and shield combat, the user has greater advantage when using either spear and shield form of her Valkyrie Blades or ordinary spears and shields as the armor increases her performance with the said weapons.

Geirskogul has an affinity with the element of wind and noted to having weakest tensile strength compared to the rest of Elemental Valkyrie Armor as it more suspectible to damage, but makes up for this shortcoming with its light weight which give it greater speed and agility than the rest. The armor also designed to enhanced its wearer's air magic and has a pair of broom-like thrusters on the hip for aerial combat. In addition of affinity with the element of wind, Geirskogul armor can unlock a boost in power and speed that is unleashed by sprouting Ephemeral Wings, allowing the user to vanquish enemies instantly as well as fly in without need of broom. This ability is shared by its sister armors, Kara, Eir, and Skogul. While being the weakest out of four Elemental Valkyries, Geirskogul is the fastest of all, and thus a formidable armor.

Variations Edit

Variant Description
Empyrean Formation Geirskogul LWA WoM Empyrean Formation Geirskogul

An upgraded form of Lotte's Geirskogul Armor which endows her an increase in flight speed and aerial combat proficiency. This form is accessibly by having both Will-o'-chan and Vindr sending a portion of their magic into the armor's summoning halo, causing the formed portal to become light purple which signifying an unique, powerful summon of the armor. In this form, the armor gains a pair of large, futuristic-looking rocket boots with yellow and purple metal wings, the bottom of the hooded tunic became slightly pleated, the left shoulder plate protrudes upwards, and the witch hat gains a gray metal plate at which Geirskogul symbol sit at, along with purple metal plates on the sides where the hat' wing ornaments attached on. Other changes includes its Ephemeral Wings that assume less bird wing-like form with four large energy feathers and yellow and purple coloration, which shared by the hat's wing ornaments.

Weapons & EquipmentsEdit

  • Geirskogul Gauntlet: The vital part of Geirskogul Armor which acts as both its dormant form and summoning trinket. It takes the appearance of metallic yellow bracelet with thicker edge and a symbol in form of matching circle that has four pointed star inside. This part magically linked with the rest of the armor that normally stored in pocket dimension when not used.
  • Ephemeral Wings:
    Geirskogul Wings LWA WoM

    Geirskogul's Ephemeral Wings

    A pair of mechanical wings which drastically increases the user's speed and enable flight without broom.
  • Flight Thrusters: The armor possesses a pair of broom-like thrusters attached on the sides of the hip for temporary flight. After its energy being spent, they will rendered unusable until fully charged. Combined with its Ephemeral Wings, Geirskogul can fly much faster than her sister armors.

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Notes and Trivia Edit

  • As with Kara armor, Geirskogul armor underwent some improvements by BSoulstone with inspiration from white colored, enchanted version of main characters' robes which featured in episode 25 of Little Witch Academia anime before adding the armor plates and bird/angelic motifs found in popular depiction of mythological Valkyries to make it both beautiful and gallant in appearance. To correspondent with Lotte's character, Geirskogul Armor's design was made simpler which partly to emphasize its ability in high speed combat. The meridian emerald glow was later added as reference from TRON series.