Construct Ribbons
Construct Ribbon Spool LWA WoM
A spool of construct ribbon
Drekar class formed weapons LWA WoM
Construct Ribbon Turrets
Ribbon Gun LWA WoM
Construct Ribbon Gun
Type: Multipurpose Tool

Construct Ribbons are magical ribbons featured in Little Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

Construct ribbons are metallic, segmented ribbons around same size with measuring tapes originally developed as composition of Raider Armor. When witch-blacksmith who invented the armor realized the ribbons' versality, they improved the ribbons so they can also be used for offensive and defensive purposes. The ribbons themselves are made of metals which magically modified via. alchemy process.

As multi-purposed equipment, construct ribbons are very versatile tool, most effectively used by magic users with creativity. They can be used to either create a perimeter to detect intruders who crossed through them, to either trap, restrain, or attack the enemies, and true to their namesake, magically combined into constructs such as weapons or armor. The formed constructs can be disassembled back into ribbons at will, and if a target is impaled by a ribbon spear, the spear can be unwrapped to swifly tear them apart. The construct ribbons can be easily tied to other objects, such as throwing knives, to control their course in flight when thrown, thus taking the enemy by surprise. The ribbons can also be used to patching up broken structures and assisting reattach severed limb of a Pomokai Holoholona.

Being conductive with magic energy, construct ribbons can be used as medium to cast spells like wands and in the hands of creative witch/wizards, can be formed into large cannon that fires powerful magic bolts. This also make the ribbons suitable as additional armament for Thapoli's flying longships.

As the composition of Raider Armor, these ribbons are shaped into a magical suit of armor via. its arm band. The construct ribbons usually stored in the spool attached on Raider Armor's arm band, which magically released and assembled themselves into armor around user's body in matter of seconds by simply pressing its metal claps. Since the armor created from versatile construct ribbons, the user can easily customized the armor's appearance and abilities to make it suitable with their combat abilities.

However, a critical weakness that construct ribbons contain is their quantity; They cannot self-replicate and must be manufactured in large amounts to perform heavy tasks or giant constructs. Without enough supports of their own, the ribbons are vulnerable to attacks and easily damaged due to fragility of their size.

Construct Ribbon GunEdit

Construct Ribbon Gun is a device to conveniently employ construct ribbons and designed after tape gun. By pressing the trigger, the user can fire the ribbon for variety of purposes and even magically shaped it into constructs mid-air.

Construct Ribbon TurretsEdit

Turrets that holds giant spool of construct ribbons, usually stationed on Karve-class flying longships. These turrets can form either magical ballistae or catapults for artillery attacks.

Ribbon BeastsEdit

Construct ribbons can also be used to form sentient golem-like beast for performing tasks and combat. This is a very difficult technique as the larger the ribbon beast, the more difficult for it to be controlled.

Notable ConstructsEdit