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A Witch is a female human who studies and practices witchcraft. They use magic to perform supernatural feats.


A woman capable in the usage of magic is called a witch. Witches have existed since time immemorial, passing on their knowledge from generation to generation. While witchcraft is usually an inherited tradition, with almost all witches being descended from past witches along the female line, a girl born as a normal human can also become a witch.

From an early age witches are taught magic and will later go to magical schools to refine their skills. Witches born with a magical inheritance learn magic quickly, while Akko, a first-generation witch, showed a much slower development initially. However, not all magical skill is cultivated through study or inherited by blood— Akko herself has a natural magical talent which allowed her to wield the Shiny Rod.

Even in modern times, those schooled as witches usually take it up as their profession. By acquiring magical licenses in their preferred field, witches can use their skills for different jobs, whether as a teacher of magic, fortune teller, magic item seller, forensic investigator, etc.

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