• Black Soulstone

    Adopting the Wiki

    December 13, 2018 by Black Soulstone

    Through some considerations, I've decided to adopt Little Witch Academia Fanon Wiki, given to my experience in other wikia and I also have contributed here for almost 11 months. Other reason why I came to this decision are:

    • This wiki barely have an admin and I figured out that IronBlooded, bureaucrat and founder of this wikia, yet to edit anything here. I've send him a message so he might be able to help me improving a thing or two in Little Witch Academia Fanon Wiki to make it more interesting.
    • This wikia require some immediate improvements and new stuff includes new logos, new page background, etc.

    IronBlooded, if you read any of this, I terribly sory for this sudden development, but someone have to make some improvements in this wikia and …

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