Biri Biri LWAWoM
Barding Armor Biri Biri WoM
Blood Squirrel
Status: Alive
Combat Statistics
Power: High
Defense: High
Speed: Very High
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Asger, also known as his infamous moniker Blood Squirrel, is one of main protagonists of Little Witch Academia: Witches of Midgard. He is the Thapoli-Naglfar War veteran, former assassin of Sword of Laeradr, and later, ally and close friend of Akko.

Personality & Character Edit

Asger is a Thapoli-Naglfar War Veteran and reluctant ally of new Valkyries Akko, Lotte, and Sucy. Described by Ursula aka. Chariot as lone wolf who keep his feelings to himself, the ratatoskr is an aloof and unsociable person who puts up a stern expression all the time, so much that Akko dared not to comment him being cute in spite of his scarred appearance when they first met.

Skills & Abilities Edit

  • Ratatoskr Physiology: Asger is a ratatoskr, one of seven Pomokai Holoholona races that resemble a squirrel.
  • Magic: As with other Pomokai Holoholonas, Asger possesses innate talent with magic.
    • Earth Magic: Asger has decent skill in earth magic, as he demonstrated through the ability to encrust his weapon with thick layer of magic-energy imbued rocks.
    • Alchemy: Asger possesses impressive mastery over alchemy, able to transmute object on ease and further altering and enhancing the shape of his construct ribbons. This also how he modify his Caerbannog Armor.
    • Object Control Magic: Asger can magically manipulate objects from distance at will.
  • Combat Mastery: Asger is often considered to be one of the strongest member of Wrath of Thor and in greater extent, Sword of Laeradr, slaying even the strongest of enemies with minimal effort in spite of his size. Even prior to undergo proper training as first members of Sword of Laeradr, he already displayed formidable combat skills he learned by himself in order to protect himself and his friends.
    • Spear Mastery: Asger is an extremely skilled master spearman, able to wield his signature segmented spear with utmost dexterity and precision, enable him to slay highly skilled and powerful enemies as well as deflecting projectiles with incredible ease.
    • Sword Mastery: Asger possessed extraordinary mastery with his cursed magic sword Tyrfing.
  • Survivalist Intuition: As result of being forced to spent his entire childhood avoding fighting around him and his friends during the early conflicts of Thapoli-Naglfar War, Asger developed impressive survival skills and intuition.

Tools & Equipment Edit

  • Caerbannog Armor: A heavily modified Raider Armor that specialized in stealth combat.
  • Tyrfing: A magical straight sword with bloody history, once cursed that it will cause three great evils upon being constructed. The sword's curse had been broken, but its bloody history resulted its blade permanently shine blood red. Biri Biri stopped using the weapon after slaughtering Lara's parents with it.
  • Construct Ribbons: Multipurpose magical ribbons which can be used for variety of purposes.
    • Segmented Spear:
      Asger whip spear

      Asger's Whip Spear

      Asger's signature weapon made of Construct Ribbons. While steel hard, it is extremely flexible, and can extend or bend easily. The handle can be broken down into numerous pieces, connected by a chain, allowing him to attack or defend over a wide area. The chain runs along the handle, ending in a heavy ball at the blunt side. The ball's weight is used to easily wrap the chain around foes, restricting them.
    • Greatsword: Asger once formed a greatsword out of the ribbons when fighting Akko in the dungeon.


Asger originates in Old Norse and means "spear of God".

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Asger's working name is Biri Biri.